Showcase of 12 original workplaces to awake your creativity

Publicado: enero 16, 2011 en Informativos, Uncategorized

Your workspace determines the way you work and helps to be productive and happy. When you are working in colorful, organic, playful and positive environment you are more creative and quickly discover new ideas than in a grey, boring and linear one. But even understanding this fact, not a lot of companies try to do everything possible to arrange a comfortable and inspiring workplaces for their employees. As usual, employers often expect their collaborators to simply buckle down and generate, instead of fostering an environment that allows ideas to mature and ripen.

In this showcase we’ve collected not only pictures of awesome workplaces, but also some useful suggestions how to provide really creative environment. So, let’s begin :) . Firstly, the more inspirational your workplace is, the easier it is to stimulate the creativity and discover fresh thoughts. Let your workers decorate their workspace as they wish, allow them use interesting accessories, boards for tips and paper sticks, photos and other inspirational trifles. Physical arrangement really matters.

Secondly, creativity requires dissociating one’s self from one’s normal work, and it frequently requires periods of quiet contemplation. Don’t resort to clock-watching or micromanagement and maybe without such strict methods people start to produce their best works. Are you afraid of loosing the border between the order and disorder in the office? Yes, it’s a really thin verge and without the right system of checks and balances, this type of freedom becomes easy to spoil. But truly creative person will use this period of reverie productively and effectively. Perhaps, the risk will be really reasonable in future.

Thirdly, involve all collaborators in a creative working process, brainstorming sessions, ask for their unusual, wild ideas and ask them questions to engage their imagination. Keep the lines of commutation always open. All these methods will keep them accountable and they will by far feel themselves really important.

Creativity just happens. No one can predict or control who will be creative, what the next creative act will be, or when it will happen. The best thing a company can do is to prepare all necessary conditions for creativity. Work environment directly influences your mood and ability to generate inspiration. Workplace can change the way people think and awake their imagination. In order to rise up your creativity and inspiration we’ve looked through the Web and found 12 cool and cute workplaces that are really worth seeing. Let’s have a look at this stunning roundup.

creative workplace desig

White and clean workplace by Ian Kenefick

The arrangement of the table is very suitable and the author of the photo works facing the window. He has everything he needs close at hand and you can personally ensure of this fact looking at his workplace. You can see five phones, one iPod, illuminator, tabletop fan, Two Macs, laser printer, bluetooth apple keyboard, three different mice and other useful trifles without which he can not imagine his work-flow.

revuh's workplace

Revuh’s new workplace

Stylish workplace with four screens, white keyboard and mouse, behind the screen is a handy area for special paper sticks and tips. Pay attention to the unusual arrangement of the window, which is above your head when you are sitting on a chair you can look up and admire the sunset :) .

margaret shear workplace

Bright red workplace by Margaret Shear

Creative workplace with energetic mood and in an unusual color. The wall with its cute ruler and hooks in front of the table takes the place of a shelf. The chair and the table are in the same palette scheme and look really nifty and original. A lovely African basil refreshes all this cool view.

spam art at wprkplace

Spam Art at workplace by Manuel Lino

Creative and informative workplace. You can rest from your business for some minutes and at the same time familiarize with last news that surrounds you, so you have a great opportunity to get all advantages of such original workplace.

workplace with amazing view

Workplace by actjustlikeeverytingokay

Amazing workplace with more than simply beautiful view from the window. Interesting mixture of nature and technique. It’s an ideal place for an office where you can combine work and pleasure.

clean and tidy workplace

Clean and tidy workplace by davemelbourne

Accurate and flavour workspace. You can plunge deeply into your business and no things won’t prevent you successful wokflow, cause this workplace has minimalistic, inspiring and fresh design.

cozy workplace

Comfortable workplace by Uloni

Comfy room with cozy workplace. Everything is arranged in a such handy manner that you have all you need ready at hand. Cute shelves with their open boxes for yarn are also convenient to use. The atmosphere of this room is really lovely. Hedgehog on the wall attracts attention at a glance, probably he inspires his owner for new original creations!

musical workplace

Musical workplace by Peter Konnecke

I think in a such positive and pleasant office only good and inspirational ideas come in a head. Creative notes and records under the high-ceiling will rise your mood during all working day long.

Stylish workplace

Stylish workplace by LeBenLeBen

The author of this picture lives under the motto “open your eyes and enjoy”, which you can see above his huge computer screen. The design of this workplace is simple but nifty and pleasant to look. The wall has soft pastel color and is related to the Apple theme ;) .

three macs

Workplace with three Macs by STML

Bright white table with three Macs and all necessary computer devices. The right wall is used as a job board with important data and the front wall showcases beautiful hand-painted photographs of classic Hollywood stars.

effetive workplace

Effective workplace by Boss429

Workplace in light and white tones with a nice drawing board and some cute details, such as: cars’ models and beautiful picture on the wall. The design of this workspace is well-thought-out, pay attention to the mouse mat which has the picture of a car that perfectly becomes to the models on a table.

modern workplace



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