5 Tricks of the Trade for Creating the Ideal Blog Post

Publicado: enero 16, 2011 en Informativos, Uncategorized

Now, there are those of us that have a blog, and those of us that shouldn’t have a blog. Whether you knuckle down to writing at 2am or believe in waiting for the ideas to come naturally, the perfect blog post can change your internet exposure; not over night mind you, but in good time.

However, those of us that want internet success may be relying on more than black magic to get noticed, but good writing is the easiest and quickest way to;

a)    Link build
b)    Make connections
c)    Show knowledge and professionalism

But whether or not you are confident with your own writing skills, there are methods you can take which allow the process to become as simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

For my first trick: Get the thinking cap on.
Now as mentioned previously there are those who see a snowflake and can devise an idea for a whole novel, yet for most of us it’s never that easy and it’s torture to think of something inventive to write about.

But the trick is to research, research, research. There is so much information out there that is sought to be refreshed that by simply logging online or picking up the latest book, you are opening your mind to a whole world of information.

From this you can either devise something from scratch or reinvent an idea that has already been broached, but whatever you decide, looking at what’s out there will help you with coming up with the ideal blog post.

Abracadabra! Get the ideas on a page

As with any idea, once the spark is there, you need to get it down. Whether you speed write to clear your mind, or create plans, maps and strategies ready for when you sit down to pour the ideas out, it’s crucial not to ponder.

The perfect blog post won’t write itself so it’s important to get any ideas on the page as a starting point. The next step is obviously to sort out these ideas and get them organised into a format that suits the piece and your blog.

And here is my assistant (glamorous is optional)…Have it spot checked

Whenever you write your voice comes through in a way that you understand. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but if you’re not careful you run the risk of being the only one who understands it.

The ideal blog post needs to be understood by every reader of your blog, so ensure you have it looked over by a minimum of one person and preferably one that doesn’t know you so well. They will be able to pick up on any phrases, sentences or even paragraphs that just don’t make any sense.

Add smoke and mirrors: Images, videos, links

Your blog post needs to appeal to its readers, and plain text may not achieve this so add some glitter, dry ice and make it magical.
Images work excellently within a blog post because they give some aesthetic appeal but just make sure it fits your post. There is no point having a cartoon cat if the post is about Google Analytics so choose wisely, otherwise people will see straight through what you’re doing.

Of course, videos can work just as well. Apply the points made for images to videos also, and just make sure that the user can play the video when they choose to, not just because they’ve clicked through (there is nothing more annoying than an automated video).

But to ensure that you have given yourself a well deserved pat on the back, don’t forget to incorporate links to a page relevant to your key phrase within the post. But also thank those that may have helped with your inspiration by linking back to information you’ve used, this will not only win favours with your readers but ensures no-one feels you’ve taken ideas as well as the recognition.

Grand Finale: Get it out there

You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve amazed your crowd so now what? Make sure you attract an even bigger crowd for next time. Re-tweets and comments are the equivalent of people throwing roses on to your stage. But make it easy for them to do this by having a re-tweet button, a Facebook like button and most importantly a comment box.

Of course, make sure you reach out to an audience by social bookmarking your posts and aggregating to your own news feed. Make sure, if you can, that you get them out there via article directories as this will increase your name brand and reach to wider audiences.

But don’t forget to revel in the praise and read comments as this will spur you to write in the same style/format for next time.
So practice your wizardry to get on the ball with creating the best blog posts time again, and again and again, and again, and again, and again….



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