5 Tips to Effectively Promote your Articles

Publicado: enero 16, 2011 en Informativos, Uncategorized

1. Social Sharing Networks

Sharing your articles on social networks is definitely a must. Simply because a lot of people shares their articles there as well. This means traffic and traffic means hits. Depending on your Niche you are going to have to experiment with the social networks that give you the most traffic, in Creativeoverflow’s case we work through the following.


2. Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook sharing is definitely a must. Getting your new articles out to your friends on Facebook and you fans on twitter will send the article plummeting from person to person, usually ending up with 40 – 100 retweets in the first hour of posting the article. Thus its a great way to show your friends on facebook what you actually get up to and what your passion is.


3. Submit News to Top Sites

Always a good start. Submitting your latest Articles to news feeds on top websites can be a great source of traffic. Make sure that you only submit quality articles though, if the publisher likes the article he/she will definitely share it with the community. There are a lot of sites that have news feeds but I will only be naming the top 5 that I use, you can check out more sites on 53 Promotional Websites to Gain Traffic Quick and Easy


4. Promoting Articles via E-Mail

I did a article on promoting your articles via email a while ago,Is Article Promotion really worth it? I had a fair amount of responses towards it. Promoting your articles via e-mail could establish a relationship between yourself and another blogger/person. Not only do you interact with them, they can deliver their critique on the subject at hand immediately. My article promotions usually consist of sending my e-mail list a e-mail containing the new article title and then a link for the promotions. I have supplied you with a image below of what my promotion link looks like.

Promoting via e-mail can have its ups and downs, but thus far its only been positive results. Give it a go.

5. Search Engine Optimization Keywords

You are going to have to focus on every part of your article if you really want to promote it. WordPress has a All in One SEO plugin that you can install, this also adds a keyword box in your post creation page. Make sure when you set down your keywords for you article that they are relevant to the article and that they are at least search able.


I hope that these simple tips will help you effectively promote your articles. Promotion is really a trial and error thing. You have to find out what works for you and your blog, some people prefer certain social sites over others and they have the right to their opinion. So how do you promote your articles?



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