10 Most Bizarre Types of Typography….

Publicado: enero 13, 2011 en Diseños, Uncategorized

Ook….. I did not expect this ….hahaha

Bizarre Types of Typography

1. Jewelry Typography

Strange jewelry is always popular with celebrities, so it’s no surprise that typography has become a jewelry form. This style includes beautifully curved letters crafted from metal and glued together pieces of paper with typography on them forming necklaces.

Jewelry Typography

2. Pinched-skin Typography

One of the more painful-looking typography out there, this is just as it sounds. People create letters by using clothespins to hold the shape of letters in the skin. One can only wonder how this bizarre typography was imagined.

Pinched-skin Typography

3. Jockstrap Typography

The entire font is made by bending jockstraps into letters. This typography is probably one of the most inventive ways of using undergarments for art. The creator of this unique font is Pier Gustafson, a graphic designer who obviously has quite a sense of humor.

Jockstrap Typography

4. Beard Typography

Cutting your beard into letters and numbers is quite a challenge, but it most certainly makes you the center of attention.

Beard Typography

5. Google Map Typography

This typography is made out of aerial shots taken from Google maps. It must have taken hours of searching to come up with landscapes that were in the right shape to create this font. This typography is a little hard to read, but it is a good example of creativity and persistence.

Google Map Typography

6. Fashion Typography

This font features handbags and shoes of high fashion…and disembodied limbs. Even with all the wonderful fashion, this font comes across as a little creepy. The creators must have been going for surrealism.

Fashion Typography

7. Risque Rabbit Alphabet

This alphabet is made entirely out of cartoon rabbit women, posing provocatively. The typography is interesting in that it uses colors to set the feel of energy and excitement. It’s in a very usual style, leaving off the main torso and hips.

Risque Rabbit Alphabet

8. Taxidermy Text

Not only is this font made out of actual dead animals, it swaps the body pieces. Snakes with mouse heads and lizards with crows feet are typical of this typography, which can only be described as disturbingly creative.

Taxidermy Text

9. Naughty Alphabet

This alphabet has grown in popularity, despite being a little bizarre. The letters all consist of lips- complete with red lipstick and tongues – hooked to round fleshy letters. It appears erotic at first, but you may find it down right creepy after awhile.

Naughty Alphabet

10. Fish Guts Typography

Last but not least is a video featuring typography made out of the guts of fish. Aside from being a little gross, typography out of raw meat is not a new thing but is still pretty bizarre, especially out of fish.

Fish Guts Typography



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